Asus VS247H-P Monitor Review


If you’re looking to build a new PC or just want a monitor to use with your console and don’t want to buy an expensive TV, then you may want to check out the Asus VS247H-P.
On first glance, the design of this monitor looks good, the image is high quality and we like the HDMI feature (that compensates for the lack of speakers), so let’s have a better look at it.


The Asus VS247H-P has an elegant design, with a very slim look and an attractive overall vibe. The stand imitates the metal look and although a bit small, it didn’t look like it would affect its stability.
You can tilt the monitor 5 degrees forward and 20 degrees backwards.


On the bottom right of the display we can find the control buttons that are very well integrated in the design and are easy to reach. On the back, the Asus VS247H-P features the DVI, VGA and HDMI sockets and an audio port for external speakers.
The audio port is necessary because this monitor does not have built-in speakers.
Note: The monitor can be wall mounted (VESA) through its 4 screw holes.
The design of the Asus VS247H-P is one of its strong points, it looks really good on the desk, being slim, light (only about 10 pounds) and non-intrusive. But what about its performance?


Performance and Display
The VS247H-P features a 23.6in 1080p HD display with LED backlit panels and 2 ms response time. The resolution is 1920×1080, 50000000:1 colour contrast(ASCR) and the aspect ratio is 16:9.
The ASCR (Asus Smart Contrast Ratio) checks how dark is a scene( whether from a movie or a game) and it adjusts automatically in order to deliver a more defined image. For example, when playing Batman Arkham Asylum, thanks to the ASCR, the dark scenes rendered more detailed. As for games like Crysis 2, the dark scenes again were beautifully detailed and the brighter parts remained bright (the white was true white, not yellowish).
Note: The Splendid Video Intelligence Technology feature enhances the contrast, colour and brightness in order to have the best video performance and image fidelity. For this, you can choose 6 presets: Theatre, Scenery, Night View, Standard and sRGB.

After all, we were impressed how vibrant and distinct the colours were rendered and, thanks to the FULL HD resolution, the image was superbly clear.
When playing videos, the colours looked rich and saturated, without blurring or shadowing. The backlight is decent and the 2ms response time is excellent.
Note: You can use the VS247H-P as a PC monitor or connect it to a console.


Power Consumption
The LED technology helps the Asus VS247H-P to consume 50% less energy than the more traditional monitors.
The power consumption is about 33W when active and 0.5 on the power saving mode so it is a medium power consumption compared to other monitors in the same price range.

Overall, the Asus VS247H-P offers an elegant design, the display image is clear, the colours are true and adaptable to the lighting of scenes and, although there are better monitors on the market, there are no better monitors in its price range.
For the features and spec that it offers and its affordability, we say that the Asus VS247H-P is worth the buy.

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Asus VS247H-P






Ease of Use







  • Nice Design
  • Great Image Quality
  • HDMI
  • Low Price
  • Lightweight


  • No Integrated Speakers

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