Best smartphones suited for women (in 2016)

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BONUS: The Cyrcle Phone – A Smartphone Dedicated to Women

The Cyrcle Phone is not yet released (it will be in 2017), but it address an important point: should there be a difference between smartphones for men and smartphone for women? Dtoor, the company that developes the Cyrcle Phone thinks so.

The main concept is that smartphone shouldn’t all look the same and a circular handset may be a welcomed addition to the smartphone market. We know that Nokia tried something similar with its 7600 but didn’t have much success. Nevertheless, the creators of Cyrcle phone don’t even consider that the handset will share the same fate. And it may not, simply because there’s a desperate need to diversify how smartphones look and anything new may be welcomed. Another important aspect of the Cyrcle Phone is that it address women in particular.
So, the Cyrcle Phone resembles a women’s compact mirror and attempts to be more elegant and to fit better into a woman’s smaller, rounded pocket, than the normal, rectangular handsets.

In terms of functionality, the Cyrcle Phone will cut off some of the usual notifications to only the ‘important’ ones, which will be from an inner circle of acquaintances. Overall, it’s not necessarily a bad concept as it will indeed be handled better by smaller hands and may look more as an accessory than an actual smartphone. But the real question is, will women like this concept?
Anyway, we think that the way handsets are created right now is the best way to do it, therefore making unisex phones that can be customized by colour and case will address this problem a lot better. But this is our opinion and since we talked about a need to diversify the design of smartphones, the Cyrcle Phone creators may be onto something.

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