KIWI Design G2 Silicone Magnetic Wall Mount for Google Home Mini

Similarly to the KIWI Design G1, the G2 Silicone Magnetic Mount is a versatile accessory for the Google Home Mini, but, while the former made the smart speaker portable, the latter simply allows the user to easily connect the Home Mini directly to the wall socket, therefore conveniently minimising the occupied space.

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Now, it’s clear that Google knew how to design a smart smart speaker and the Home Mini is probably the best looking device of its kind (yes, even better than the Echo Dot), so it will fit nicely on a coffee table or any other space in your room.
But, since the smart speaker is not portable (KIWI Design G1 can fix that for you), the long cable can be a nuisance and, if space is limited, the Home Mini may overcrowd your desk, so the relatively inexpensive KIWI Design G2 is an interesting option that you can explore.


The device itself is made of two main parts, one is specifically designed to cover the bottom half of the Home Mini and it’s made of a flexible silicone material which is soft to the touch, while the other part accommodates the charging cable. These two parts connect to one another using powerful N52 Neodymium magnets.
The Google Home Mini easily slides into the silicone cover which, afterwards tightly attaches to the speaker, ensuring that neither dust nor any type of large particles can find their way inside the silicone cover.

Before inserting the device, make sure to align the two cut-out areas with the button and port from the Home Mini since it will be more difficult to move it around afterwards – while it securely attaches to the silicone body, the smart speaker still can be easily removed when necessary.


To insert the cable adapter, first, push back the silicone cover to expose both cut-out areas and afterwards, make sure that the cable exit is aligned with the hole (since it will be very difficult to move the socket around inside the silicone cover); on the next step, insert the circular plug and push the cable through the smaller cut-out – move the plug until it is perfectly aligns with the silicone surface – and then begin rotating the cable around the neck of the accessory. Lastly, leave a few inches of cable and insert the connector through the second, larger cut-out area, but don’t forget to push the silicone back over the cable, so it resembles a more compact cable adapter.

It’s important to know that the silicone cover doesn’t increase the dimensions of the plug by much (it measures 3.6 x 3.6 x 3 inches), so it will most likely not cover any adjacent socket. At the same time, when attaching the two parts together, the device does become significantly heavier (0.66 lbs) and, depending on the quality of the wall socket, the KIWI Design G2 may not sit properly. To alleviate this problem, the manufacturer has added a couple of double-sided tape along with a very potent small magnet, so you can attach the main body of the Home Mini holder next to the socket.


Both the KIWI Design G2 and G1 were created as a complementary accessory for the Google Home Mini and they do have some elements in common, such as the reliance on silicone to safely keep the device in place, but the functional concept is very different, one focusing towards portability, while the KIWI Design G2 aims at providing some relief in crowded spaces and it does a great job by offering a good cable management, two options to attach the main part (with the Google Home Mini) and all that at a decent price tag.

KIWI Design G2 Silicone Magnetic Wall Mount













  • Cool, Practical Design
  • Good Cable Management
  • Built Of Quality Materials
  • Decently Priced


  • It Is A Bit Heavy (But The Manufacturer Has Found A Cool Workaround)

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