TaoTronics SoundLiberty Pro P10 ANC TWS Earbuds Review

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Sound Quality

The overall sound quality of the TaoTronics SoundLiberty Pro P10 is good, suitable for most types of music, but there is a special focus towards bass sounds, especially the low bass. I have run a few ‘more technical’ tests before listening to some actual music and the first one checks the driver quality. To be more specific, there’s a sweeping tone that needs to be as clear as possible, ideally, without any buzz and the P10 performed well, but there was a perceptible faint buzz. The next test checks the driver matching and the earbuds performed well since I could feel the tone in the middle of my head.

Source: TaoTronics official website.

Lastly, I checked the 3D sound stage since this is where a lot of budget-friendly TWS earbuds tend to fail so I ran an audio file that was recorded with binaural microphones. This way, I could check whether the earbuds were able to accurately ‘show’ the location of the singers, if there’s a good instrument differentiation and more. And it does seem that TaoTronics did a good job in this regard as well because I could accurately tell where the singers and the instruments were positioned; and yes, there was also a good instrument differentiation.

Before moving forward, I do have to mention that the focus on the instrument and voice differentiation is so much more than on the vast majority of the TWS earbuds, that I was first taken aback by how different some of the songs that I used to listen sounded. So yes, the Pro P10 will most likely sound very different than your other low or mid-range earbuds and they will most likely offer a better sound experience.

ANC mode on

So far, the best inexpensive pair of TWS earbuds is without a doubt the Coumi Freedom Dots. Sure, it’s not perfect, but it’s the only one that has managed to create that sound fullness that you usually get with headphones (the bass is also great) and the ANC was actually able to cancel out some outside noise. The TaoTronics SoundLiberty P10 Pro ANC implementation is just as good, being able to cancel out lots of low-frequency sounds, including the plane engines up to a point. But, it’s obvious that they’re not as good as the Sony WH-1000XM3 which, ‘coincidentally’ cost many times more. The Pro P10 do have the option to turn off the ANC, there’s also an Ambient mode and an Anti-Wind mode and, with most other earbuds, the sound does sound different depending on the enabled mode.

Source: TaoTronics official website.

That being said, with ANC on, I did run a few sounds that had a lot of low-bass and the sound was excellent. The music sounded bright and colorful, and the bass went fairly deep. If you’re not playing any music, the ANC is not completely silent since there is a very faint hiss in the background, but it doesn’t seem to impact the sound quality. The mid and higher bass were good and also fairly bright. The mids and the treble were alright, with the sound being clear and there was good instrument separation. But the music still managed to sound a bit distant and the interesting thing is that with ANC on, some treble-focused songs gets a bit more full than with ANC off (that slight muddiness seems to help with rock songs). Lastly, I also checked the sibilance and what better song to do that than listening to Empire of the Sun – Alive. And yes, the earbuds do show a noticeable amount of sibilance, as expected in this price range.

ANC mode off

Turning the ANC off did not have a heavy impact on the sound quality, but I did notice some more subtle differences. The sounds did get slightly more clear and more accurate, but it also took a bit from the fullness it was able to achieve with ANC on. And that’s mostly noticeable when I was playing rock music. As for instrument differentiation in crowded songs, such as Bowls from Caribou, there wasn’t any relevant difference, except if you were in a crowded area, where outside noise would creep in and alter the way you hear the song/s. And this takes us to another important point that I have not yet mentioned, the volume level. The TaoTronics Pro P10 can get very loud, like too loud. I could comfortably hear music with ANC on only up to 50-55 percent – everything above it would just hurt my ears.

Source: TaoTronics official website.

Ambient mode and Anti-wind mode

The Ambient mode will amplify the external sounds that are caught by the mikes, so it can be useful in some situations, but I prefer simply taking the earbud off the ear to hear what anyone is saying – the great thing is that the music will automatically pause. Sure, some may argue that you can better hear the oncoming traffic if you’re on your bike, but the ANC is not as powerful as on Sony or Bose headphones, so you should still be able to hear everything that’s important. The Anti-wind mode is more important than you think because ANC will act weird when it’s windy outside and, enabling this mode seems to fix that weird blow-like sound you get from ANC.

Call Quality

Since TaoTronics dedicated a microphone for your voice, the call quality is far better than on some other TWS earbuds from the competition. Indeed, after I called someone wearing the TaoTronics SoundLiberty Pro P10, my voice sounded clear enough – it’s not as you would hear with the speaker of your phone, but there was little hollow effect on my voice, so it was fairly clear even if I was outdoors, where the background noise can alter the sound quality.

Battery Life

The manufacturer says that the TaoTronics SoundLiberty Pro P10 should deliver up to 9 hours and a half of continuous music playing and that’s obviously without ANC on.


In my tests, I had to recharge the earbuds after about 5 hours while the ANC was on – the volume level was set at 70%. With ANC off, the earbuds barely got to about 7 hours and 45 minutes. I am not going to dismiss TaoTronics’ claim because they have not disclosed the volume level at which they conducted the test, so, if you’re going to listen to music in a fairly quiet environment, then you could squeeze in an extra hour.


TaoTronics did a really good job with the SoundLiberty Pro P10, the earbuds are lightweight and comfortable to wear, there is volume control and automatic ear detection, but, most importantly, most types of music will sound really good. And that’s especially if you like music with lots of bass, even though the rock music will also sound more than fine. The ANC technology is also good, in line with what’s currently expected from an inexpensive pair of TWS earbuds and the battery life is excellent, so there really aren’t that many reasons not to give the Taotronics SoundLiberty Pro P10 a try.

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TaoTronics SoundLiberty Pro P10













  • Decent ANC performance
  • Very good instrument differentiation
  • Automatic ear detection
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Excellent battery life


  • There is good base reproduction, but the treble-focused songs feel a bit distant
  • The single LED on the charging case barely serves any purpose

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