SecureDrive BT SSD Review


The SecureDrive BT is an external hardware-encrypted storage device that relies on the wireless authentication technology instead of the physical embedded keypad and which makes it the first of its kind (along with the SecureUSB BT flash drive that was also unveiled at the beginning of this year at CES) and which poses the question … Read more

iStorage diskAshur 2 Rugged Secure HDD Review


The iStorage diskAshur 2 is a rugged external HDD built to offer full protection for the stored data by relying on the real-time military grade AES 256-bit hardware encryption (XTS mode) and ensuring that without the PIN, any type of attack is rendered useless. iStorage diskAshur 2 Amazon.com Check Offer iStorage-UK.com Check Offer These type … Read more

iStorage datAshur PRO USB 3.0 Review


The iStorage datAshur PRO is a small USB 3.0 drive created with the sole purpose of ensuring the safety of your data by using both software and hardware protective measures against any types of external attacks. iStorage datAshur PRO Amazon.com Check Offer iStorage-UK.com Check Offer As the design may suggest, the datAshur PRO is a … Read more