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How to turn off Low Data Mode on iPhone

If you’ve been using an iPhone ever since Steve Jobs made them available to the market, then I have no doubt you’ll easily find how to turn off the Low Data Mode on your iPhone. But, for the people that are just switching from Android OS, you’d be surprised just how easy it is to … Read more

How to find running DNS servers on a network?


From the series of curious, yet seemingly simple questions, a user recently asked me how to find the running DNS servers on the network and this one is a bit strange because I immediately assumed that the DNS queries were the actual focus. There are some fine methods of doing so, even though the IPv6 … Read more

How to extend WiFi range outside your home?


It really depends on how much you want to extend the WiFi range outside your home. If it’s a few feet into your small backyard, simply changing the position of the router or adding a cheap extender next to the wall should do the trick. But, if you want to cover a larger area, things … Read more

How to Turn Off Dark Mode in Windows OS

On your way to work on a bright sunny day, you open your laptop to reply to some urgent e-mails only to find it impossible to read the screen; exasperated, you scratched your head and wondered “how to turn off dark mode in Windows OS.” Gen Z-ers and Millennials unite! Going “dark” is the most … Read more