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Etekcity Cordless Water Flosser Review


While it may not always get the same attention as the other electronic gadgets, the technology behind the dental care devices has evolved significantly and not only in the dentist’s office (where some things look like they were stripped from a Mars rover), but the everyday at-home use dental products have also received a serious … Read more

Etekcity Smart Scale Review (ESF24)


A few months ago, I tested the Etekcity smart fitness scale ESF37 and it was a well-rounded device which besides displaying your weight, it would also offer lots of other information about your body, such as the bone and muscle mass, the BMI, the metabolic age and more, all that paired with a responsive app. … Read more

Zovcal Portable Blender Review (ZDK-C8)


Most of us have a blender inside our kitchen for those occasional smoothies, but did you know that there are also portable blenders available which promise to offer the same functions (such as blending smoothies, shakes or baby food), but with the added convenience of portability, so, even if you go to the gym, you … Read more

Etekcity Smart Fitness Scale Review


Every year, we are getting closer to having all our devices in our house inter-connected and the new Etekcity Smart Fitness Scale is proof that “the smartening” of our homes is almost complete. A smart thermostat is a necessity, a smart plug is a commodity and even a smart air conditioner makes a lot of … Read more

Mindfield eSense Pulse Review


The eSense Pulse is Mindfield® Biosystems’ interesting way of entering the heart rate monitor market, but it doesn’t seem like its purpose is to compete against the other already established fitness-focused chest HR straps, instead, it looks like the manufacturer wants to further expand the biofeedback eSense ecosystem (which also includes the eSense Temperature and … Read more

Mindfield eSense Temperature Review


The Mindfield eSense is a small sensor which actively measures the temperature of the skin relying on the body reaction to stress (e.g. the muscles contract, therefore narrowing the blood vessels, so the skin temperature gets lower). This way, when connected to a mobile device (via the headphone jack), the eSense application displays a live … Read more

TOP 3 Oral Irrigators


  How do we maintain our teeth? We brush our teeth, we floss and we use mouthwash..but is it enough for a perfect smile? The answer is not quite. Every time I went to my dentist there was always a problem, either my gums were swollen or cavities started showed up between the teeth. Besides … Read more