EnGenius offers 50% off for trade-ins when moving away from Ubiquiti

EnGenius has recently launched the Trade Up. Trade In. Trade Out campaign to help both prosumers and business owners move away from Ubiquiti hardware, receiving 50% off the EnGenius Fit devices. This campaign is only for the US store for now, but I assume the EU, Canada and Australia are next as long as it proves to be successful in acquiring new users.

The EnGenius Fit line.

So, what happened to Ubiquiti to warrant such a significant exodus? I have been testing Ubiquiti hardware for a few years now, ever since it was considered darling of the networking industry, offering enterprise-level hardware and software at a fraction of the cost of its then main competitors. Obviously those days are gone since a lot of users complain about new software updates and their stability (just check the dedicated forum).

And now options like EnGenius Fit and TP-Link Omada are at least as exciting as what Ubiquiti UniFi has (or used) to offer. EnGenius has taken the initiative and, as I said before, will give the user 50% off when you migrate from Ubiquiti UniFi and it is worth mentioning that the campaign will end at the end of this year (December 31, 2023). Also, be aware that only the EnGenius Fit products qualify for this campaign, so it’s targeted at small businesses.

These are some of the highlighted advantages that EnGenius says it will offer, hinting that they can be better than what Ubiquiti currently offers:

  • there’s live tech support;
  • you can manage your network without hardware dependency – be aware that just like Ubiquiti, there is some software fragmentation: there is a SMB series called Fit and a more powerful series suitable for enterprise-level users;
  • there is the option to either rely on Cloud or on-premises management;
  • a good variety of networking hardware available (Ethernet switches, gateway and access points).

Obviously, no company is perfect, so make sure to first check if your woes with Ubiquiti are properly addressed by EnGenius. That being said, this is how you can qualify to the campaign:

  • go to the EnGenius store (US-only),
  • enter the coupon code: Upgrade.

This is the link to the official campaign page: https://www.engeniustech.com/engenius-trade-up-program.html

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