Reolink has released the Duo Floodlight, a dual-lens 4K panorama security camera with ultra-bright floodlights

The concept behind the Duo Floodlight is very simple since it’s pretty much the same device as the Duo 2 that we mentioned about half a year ago, but it now features some built-in floodlights which light up during the night depending on the way the motion sensor is set up. Wait a minute, didn’t the Duo cameras already had a spotlight? Both the original Reolink Duo (that I tested last year) and the newer Duo 2 version do have powerful spotlights for delivering a colored night vision (6,500K color temperature), so what’s the point of the additional spotlights?

The WiFi version of the camera.

They’re far more powerful, so the light reaches both wider and deeper, making the Duo Spotlight suitable for very particular areas where no other light sources are present at all. Reolink says that the brightness reaches up to 2,000 lumens (assuming we’re talking about ANSI lumen) and the color temperature is 4,200K. Additionally, it is possible to set the floodlight to always stay on or off, as well as schedule when this function gets to be enabled (I haven’t tested the device, but I hope that there is a brightness sensor to turn on and off the floodlight as well).

All the other functions are there, so the resolution remains 4K and the 180 degrees wide angle without distortions that’s a characteristic for this series is also there. Furthermore, the smart motion detection is built into the camera, so the Duo Floodlight can tell apart humans from cars and other moving objects. There is also the pet detection which seems to still be in beta stage (hopefully, it got better during the last six months – I haven’t tested a camera that had this function yet).

The floodlights in action.

Also, know that the smart motion detection is done locally, so there is no need for a Cloud subscription. And before, Reolink didn’t use to offer Cloud storage, but now it does, so, if you mind relying on an SD card or an NVR, then this is an option that the manufacturer currently offers. It’s worth mentioning that there are two versions available for the new camera. One is called the Duo Floodlight PoE and the other is called the Duo Floodlight WiFi.

The former lacks a WiFi chip and can connect either via the Ethernet cable, while the latter is designed to be able to connect to your WiFi network. Also, both cameras are built to withstand the elements, being IP66 certified, so neither dust nor water should be able to enter the enclosure and damage the devices. At the moment of writing, the Reolink Duo Floodlight PoE and the Duo Floodlight WiFi are available for pre-order and, if you want, you can read more on the official website


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