Sumo Lounge Gamer Microsuede Review

Sumo Lounge is celebrating its 15th Anniversary and it has decided to send us the Sumo Lounge Gamer Microsuede bean bag and I know that this is a bit unconventional, considering the usual products that we review, but rest assure that there is a close relationship between this bean bag and the use of various consumer-type modern device and, in this case (as the name suggests), Sumo Lounge specifically aims at catering to the needs of the gamers.

Well, I’m not sure PC gamers will find it very convenient to operate their computer via a keyboard using a bean bag, so I’m going to make an educated guess that console gamers (or PC gamers with a controller) will find the Sumo Lounge Gamer Microsuede a lot more appealing.

And that’s really the allure of a comfortable bean bag, the possibility to just let yourself sink into the extremely cozy and soft material after a long working day (or after coming from school) and either continue watching your favourite Netflix show until falling asleep or treating yourself with a few hours of gaming with your friends.


The Sumo Lounge Gamer bean bag can do just that thanks to the soft-to-touch microsuede fabric which covers the entire product and the internal polyester fiber which is soft, but helps the bean bag keep its shape for a long time (it’s also less prone on making a mess). Now that we have a better idea about what to expect from the Gamer Microsuede bean bag, let’s see what’s in the box.


The courier wasn’t exactly gentle with the package and, while the product arrived unscathed (because of its nature), it does seem that they chipped the air-tight packaging, so the bean bag came already slightly inflated (and it was a challenge to get it through the front door – I can only imagine what would have happened if I got the Gigantor).

One of the first things I did was to open the zippper in order to expose the insides of the Sumo Lounge bean bag and, as you can see, there’s a combination between lots of small poly fiber pieces and some feathers. I can’t really say that the zipper is hidden, but it isn’t positioned in an obvious manner, so there is a low chance that your kids will find it and spread the content of the bean bag all over the house.


Note: After I took it out of the box and dressed it with the microsuede cover, I had to wait about 24 hours for the bean bag to gain its full size.
My Sumo Lounge Gamer bean bag came with a red microsuede material which is artificially made to look and feel like real suede (the bean bag also comes in other 14 available colours and there are also two other materials available, Corduroy and Fur) and, surprisingly, the material does have some properties which can render it the superior choice over leather (suede).

For example, it will be less unlikely that your cats will claw it (it has no loops), it’s easier to keep clean and it’s impermeable (so, even if you spill liquids, you can easily just wipe it out with a towel) – also, if your cats decide to ‘leave you a present’, the urine won’t enter the material and the odor will not persist). Add the fact that it feels like real suede to the equation (it’s incredibly soft and pleasant to the touch) and we get one of the best materials to cover a sofa and, in our case, this Sumo Lounge bean bag.


Also, since it’s man-made, it comes in a very large colour variety. One minor complaint is that I immediately noticed that the external microsuede material tends to be a magnet for hair (which may become an inconvenience for pet owners), but it’s nothing a vacuum cleaner with a clean brush won’t fix.

The Sumo Lounge Microsuede is referred to as a bean bag even if it is not really filled with those easy-to-spill ‘beans’ which could be found inside the traditional bean bags and the new poly fiber content doesn’t hold heat, so, if you sit on the Sumo Lounge Gamer for long periods of time, you’re not going to sweat (useful especially during the summer) and it seems that the poly fiber will stay full for a long time (Sumo Lounge claims that it will never go flat).


In my experience, the bean bag does regain its shape after a certain period of time even after I made myself comfortable and tried to create a crater in the middle (I’m a 6.1 feet tall guy weighing about 185 lbs and I wasn’t merciful) – if you want it to become a cylinder faster, just toss it around a couple of times and it will be full in no time (it’s really not that heavy, weighing about 50 pounds).

The size of the bean bag is 30 x 48 x 48 inches (HWD) so you have to consider its position in the house very carefully and ideally, it should sit in front of a TV since this is a gaming bean bag after all. OK, I’m not going to pretend that this is isn’t a big soft cylinder and that it will fit right in into a professional studio or in every types of living-room, because it most likely won’t. It’s a very particular piece of furniture, so you really need to make sure you have enough room for it and that it will be compatible with your furniture arrangement and style (I think the bedroom or a less-conservative or retro living-room would be ideal).


Note: The Sumo Lounge Gamer Microsuede is suitable for one person (yes, it will accommodate even taller individuals), but there are other bean bags to choose from: from the kid-size Gamer Mini to the giant family-size Titan, Titanium, Maximus and Gigantor (with some variants in between these sizes).

Since Sumo Lounge claimed that this bean bag will do well for long gaming sessions, how does it fare against the good ol’ couch or a gaming chair? Well, a gaming chair will give you an entirely different experience and, while it may be suitable for working on your computer for long periods of time, it may not really do for console gaming, where the couch seems to be the more attractive option, at least in my case (keep in mind that a good chair forces you top keep a correct posture, but you still need to take regular brakes, ideally after every hour).

I always associate working and productivity with my Desktop PC, while the relaxing experience of watching a movie or playing a game on the console with the couch and now, with the new bean bag. The advantage that the Sumo Lounge Gamer has over the couch (unless you pay big money) is that it’s just more comfortable, although the result is usually the same for both: an unexpected, but welcomed nap.


The reason for that is because unlike both the couch and a chair, a good bean bag will keep the person’s body in a natural position, without any stress points, so it is great for relieving stress and to reduce the risk of injuries.

Now, while the Sumo Lounge Gamer Mirosuede is aimed at gamers, it doesn’t have a chair-like shape by default, but it can take it if necessary – it does create handles naturally (which are softer than on a regular or gaming chair), but, since I’m a decently tall guy, I did notice that I couldn’t make the bean bag to support my neck, which is something to be expected from any bean bag and, to be honest, there is a higher chance you would either finish your game session or fall asleep long before you’ll feel the need to give your neck a rest (unless you’re playing Dark Souls – in which case, you can also comfortably cry yourself to sleep on this bean bag).

Note: The microsuede cover can be easily changed and it can be cleaned using a washing machine without damaging the material.
So, would I recommend the Sumo Lounge Gamer Microsuede? Absolutely yes, but you need to make sure you have both the necessary space for it and that it will fit with the style of the room. If these conditions are met, then you will get a high quality pet-friendly bean bag which ensures that you can sit comfortably for long periods of time while either gaming or watching movies (or while simply taking a nap). Furthermore, the Sumo Lounge bean bag can also help alleviate stress and reduce the risk of strains or injuries.

Sumo Lounge Gamer Microsuede











  • High Quality Microsuede Material
  • Impermeable
  • Very Comfortable
  • Pet-Friendly
  • Polyester Fiber Filling


  • It Requires A Particular Room Style

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