SOUNDPEATS Air4 Pro TWS Earbuds Review: Are they that much better than the Air4?


The SOUNDPEATS Air4 Pro are the higher-end pair of TWS earbuds from the fourth gen series and, just like the Air4, they do compete at the budget-friendly level of the market (the most crowded and ruthless level). SOUNDPEATS Air4 Pro Check Product Check Offer At a quick glance, the SOUNDPEATS Air4 Pro don’t … Read more

SOUNDPEATS GoFree2 Air Conduction Earbuds Review: The sound quality depends on your ear size

The SOUNDPEATS GoFree2 can be considered a successor to the original air conduction GoFree earbuds which kind of fell under the radar and most of us just now got familiar with this new series. SOUNDPEATS GoFree2 Check Product Check Offer What I could gather is that the earbuds weren’t released outside the South … Read more

SOUNDPEATS Air4 TWS Earbuds Review: A worthy upgrade to the Air3?


The SOUNDPEATS Air4 are part of the fourth generation of semi-open earbuds series and, alongside the Air4 Lite, they try to showcase the progress that the engineers at SOUNDPEATS have managed to accomplish over the past year. SOUNDPEATS Air4 Check Product Check Offer And design wise, the SOUNDPEATS Air4 are clearly improved over … Read more

Haylou PURFREE Lite Bone Conduction Headphones Review: A budget-friendly alternative to the BC01

Haylou has been relatively successful with its first bone conduction headphones and it has now released the Haylou PURFREE Lite, a sort of successor to the BC01. But, as the Lite in the name suggests, the manufacturer has focused towards maintaining the sound quality, while cutting back a bit in other areas to maintain an … Read more