Paris Rhone Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier Review (PE-AH017)


The Paris Rhone PE-AH017 is a 4L ultrasonic cool mist humidifier that was developed by the French-based manufacturer and it’s a fairly stylish-looking device with a touch-sensitive panel in the front and a top-filling container (supports up to a gallon of water). Paris Rhone Ultrasonic Humidifier Check Offer This can be said about most … Read more

Partu Air Purifier Review (BS-08)


The Partu BS-08 air purifier is a cool-looking, compact device suitable for small rooms (no more than 130 square feet) which relies on a True HEPA filter (including an Activated Carbon filter and a prefilter) to safeguard you from most common potentially harmful particles (which includes pollen, dust, smoke and so on, the filtering being … Read more

Cosori Air Fryer Review (CP158)


The air fryer is a relatively new type of cooking device that wants to replace your traditional oven and become your main kitchen appliance, promising to quickly cook a healthier meal (with less fat). The technology behind these type of devices is pretty much identical to the toaster oven with convection, both relying on fans … Read more

Levoit LV-H133 Air Purifier Review


The Levoit LV-H133 is part of the latest air purifier series released by the California-based manufacturer of household appliances in an attempt to diversify its product line and to challenge any other established devices from the competition (such as the air purifiers from Coway). To do so, the Levoit H133 promises to remove up to … Read more

Mindfield eSense Pulse Review


The eSense Pulse is Mindfield® Biosystems’ interesting way of entering the heart rate monitor market, but it doesn’t seem like its purpose is to compete against the other already established fitness-focused chest HR straps, instead, it looks like the manufacturer wants to further expand the biofeedback eSense ecosystem (which also includes the eSense Temperature and … Read more

Mindfield eSense Temperature Review


The Mindfield eSense is a small sensor which actively measures the temperature of the skin relying on the body reaction to stress (e.g. the muscles contract, therefore narrowing the blood vessels, so the skin temperature gets lower). This way, when connected to a mobile device (via the headphone jack), the eSense application displays a live … Read more