The Best Rugged Waterproof Smartwatches of 2023

Just like the regular smartwatch, the rugged smartwatch has evolved from the traditional wearable (that could have been mechanical or with a battery, as well waterproof / water-resistant) in order to become a device more suitable for this century. While I won’t deny the usefulness of all the integrated technologies (fitness trackers, heart-rate monitors, integration … Read more

Rogbid Mille Rugged Smartwatch Review: The Retro Look

The Rogbid Mille is a somewhat budget-friendly rugged smartwatch (depending on where you purchase it) and, while it does have everything it needs to compete in this niche market, I do have mixed feeling about this smartwatch. Rogbid Mille Check Product Check Product Check Product Global Giveaway Check it out On one … Read more

We need a standard charging solution for smartwatches


While there was a lot of skepticism when the smartwatch entered the market, this device has managed to grow out of is niche stage (where Pebble was the audience’s darling) and at the moment, the global smartwatch market is a multi-billion US dollars industry. Judging by the research conducted by and, both the … Read more

Haylou Solar Plus Smartwatch Review: The Most Premium-Looking Inexpensive Smartwatch

The Haylou Solar Plus is the upgraded version of the original Solar smartwatch and it’s interesting that the manufacturer listened to what the users wanted to see improved and managed to correct pretty much every aspect of the device. Haylou Solar Plus Check Product Check Product The design was mostly kept intact, but … Read more