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UGreen 100W Mini MagSafe Power Station Review (2 in 1)


As its name suggests, the UGreen 100W Mini MagSafe is a GaN power station that’s able to output up to 100W towards multiple devices, but it does have one particularity which manages to push it above its competitors. That’s the implementation of a MagSafe wireless charging coil that’s capable to charge up the battery of … Read more

Growatt VITA 550 Portable Power Station Review: Great for short camping trips

The Growatt VITA 550 marks the manufacturer’s first foray into the truly budget friendly entry-level portable power station market which has been dominated for years by the likes of Bluetti, ANKER and more recently by AllPowers. Growatt VITA 550 GrowattPortable.com Check Product Amazon.com Check Offer And, while the Infinity 1300 and the 1500 series easily … Read more

Benks InvisiBoost Wireless Charger (15W) Review: Certified by Apple!

The Benks InvisiBoost wireless charger is a particular device because it doesn’t promise some crazy high power output, it’s a 15W charger, but there’s a catch. Unlike most other wireless chargers on the market, you can actually charge your iPhone at 15W. I have tested a few wireless chargers (including the Vebach 20W magnetic charger) … Read more

Vebach S10 Wireless Charging Stand Review


The Vebach S10 is a Qi-certified wireless charging stand that was built to make the charging process as easy as possible and to take the minimum amount of space from your desk. So yes, we are dealing with a compact device, despite being a stand-type charger and the manufacturer decided to mostly use metal to … Read more

Vebach 20W Magnetic Wireless Charger Review (JW33)


The Vebach JW33 is a fairly inexpensive 20W wireless charger (Qi technology) that was designed to magnetically attach to your phone and charge it up as quickly as most regular wall adapters could. Certainly, there are some powerful fast chargers as well (such as the Kovol Sprint 120W), but they don’t really beat the convenience … Read more