Choetech HUB-R02 USB-C to Ethernet 2.5GbE Adapter Review

The Choetech HUB-R02 is a compact USB-C to Ethernet adapter that’s mainly designed to add a wired Ethernet connection to a MacBook (as well as any other laptop that removed the port to gain a slimmer profile) or to simply upgrade your computer from a 1Gbigabit connection up to 2.5Gbps. Choetech HUB-R02 Check Product … Read more

Choetech 11 in 1 USB-C Hub Review (HUB-M20)

The Choetech HUB-M20 is one of the most interesting USB-C hubs on the market and that’s because the manufacturer didn’t seem to have cared that much about the compactness factor, so it went all out and designed a fairly large metallic slab with eleven type of connectors which are sure to be enough for most … Read more

Choetech USB-C Hub for iPad Pro Review (HUB-M13)


The Choetech HUB-M13 is a very small and compact USB-C hub especially designed to work with the iPad Pro series from Apple (the recent models), but, unlike the Choetech HUB-M14 which is solely compatible with the MacBook Pro and Air series (due to the dual USB-C ports), you do get the option to use the … Read more

Choetech 9 in 1 USB-C Adapter Hub Review (HUB-M15)

Choetech is very serious about associating its brand name with the affordable laptop accessories, to be more specific, with the USB-C hubs, and I know that I have already tested the ultra-portable HUB-M8, but Choetech has also made available a 9 in 1 USB-C adapter (HUB-M15) which, as the name suggests, is a lot more … Read more

Choetech USB-C Adapter Review (HUB-M08)

Do you work both at home and at the office and do those thin, ultra-portable laptops look just perfect for your needs? That’s great! You’re going to need a dongle. Indeed, the days of multiple types of ports surrounding the sides of your portable computer seem to be over when you switch to an ultrabook … Read more

BlitzWolf 7 in 1 USB-C Data Hub Review (BW-TH5)


The BlitzWolf BW-TH5 is a portable USB-C hub which offers the possibility of connecting multiple types of devices to your computer, as well as streaming 4K videos (at 30Hz) using the built-in HDMI port. The USB hubs and dongles have gotten really popular recently and for good reason since the manufacturers decided that we don’t … Read more

Orico USB 3.0 Hub Review (MH4PU)


The laptop has undergone multiple changes over the years to become more portable, while still trying to keep a decent performance (as close as possible to its Desktop sibling) and, a few years back, it has branched into two main categories, the ultrabook and the gaming laptop. While the latter are still relatively chunky, the … Read more

QICENT 7-Port USB 3.0 Hub (QIC H7P) Review


To save space, most laptop manufacturers have slowly, but steadily cut down from the once large number of USB ports down to two or three ports that you can use to connect your peripherals. QICENT 7-Port USB 3.0 Hub Check Offer Besides saving space, the reason why manufacturers have reduced the number of ports … Read more