RedRoad launches the V17, one of the quietest stick vacuum cleaner on the market

Despite being born in 2017, RedRoad is still a fairly new manufacturer of home appliances, but it has released quite a few cordless stick vacuum cleaner over the years, the newest being the RedRoad V17 which should become available in September. As the title suggests, the focus was to develop a quiet vacuum cleaner, especially considering that the motor assembly is going to be on the upper side of the suction tube. The aim is to keep it below 65dB.


I wouldn’t really call anything slightly above that value very noisy since I have recently tested the Redkey F10 and it was a bit above 70dB immediately next to the motor, but it’s still great to see that you don’t need to use your pair of ANC headphones while vacuuming the house. Besides claiming to be quieter than other vacuum cleaners on the market, the RedRoad V17 also says that it has a better optimized airflow by relying on more filters. This is also achieved by relying on what is called cyclonic dust separation technique, where the dust and debris that’s being sucked by the vacuum cleaner is then introduced into a cyclone chamber and it gets separated from the air stream that gets then pushed outwards.

This is a technology that’s being used by a lot of other vacuum cleaners (it does help with not overusing the HEPA filters) and, as I said before, RedRoad says that it has more filters which help capture up to 99.97% of dust particles which are as small as 0.1μm. And that’s great news for people that suffer from allergies an especially those that suffer from asthma, where using an older vacuum cleaner will throw them in a coughing fit (I should know better). Similarly to other stick vacuum cleaners, it does not rely on dust bags, but on a small container that needs to be cleaned quite often. The good news is that you only need to operate a single button and the dust will fall down in the bin (not really the ideal solution, but still better for my allergies than manually taking out the dust).

In terms of design and build quality, the manufacturer prides itself on pushing the molding precision within 10μm, while the standard is 30μm (and most manufacturers do often adhere to the latter). This means that the parts fit better together, will look more premium than some its competitors and the longevity of the device should be greater.

But that’s something that we will have to put to the test. Other than that, I noticed that the RedRoad V17 has a foldable suction tube which will greatly help at reaching underneath the furniture and will be a godsend for people that suffer from back pain – I have already seen a similar approach on the Redkey F10 and it worked great.
The RedRoad V17 will be released in September of 2021 and it will be available on the International market (including the US market, the EU market, Russia and Asia). The retail price has not yet been disclosed.

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