Kensington MK7500F QuietType Pro Silent Mechanical Keyboard Review: A really solid keyboard for office workers and for people that work from home

The Kensington MK7500F is a part of the new QuietType Pro mechanical keyboard series that the manufacturer has recently unveiled and it was designed to cater mainly to the white-collar workers and it includes the people that work from home as well. Kensington MK7500F QuietType Pro Check Product Check Offer I say that … Read more

Redragon K565 Rudra Wired Mechanical Keyboard Review: Excellent entry-level mechanical keyboard


The Redragon K565 is a very budget-friendly full-sized mechanical keyboard that wants to prove that there is no need to invest too much to get a good typing experience. That is, unless you’re a keyboard enthusiast. But for the large majority of people, a mechanical keyboard with hot-swappable switches and RGB, that doesn’t cost an … Read more

Tezarre TK63 Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review: Optical Switches?


The Tezarre TK63 is the more compact version (60%) from the newer wireless mechanical keyboard series and there are a few significant changes, as well as improvements from the previous series. The keyboard now has arrow keys, something that could have been a deal-breaker for the TK61, and the most important improvement is the extra … Read more

Kwumsy K2 Keyboard Review: Touchscreen display on a mechanical keyboard!


To say that the engineers behind the Kwumsy K2 wanted to approach the keyboard concept from a different angle would be an understatement. And that’s because besides the usual RGB and replaceable keycaps, there is a 12.6-inch screen embedded within the body of the keyboard. Kwumsy K2 Check Product Check Offer If you’re … Read more