The Selpic Star A is now available on Kickstarter as the world’s most cost-effective 3D Printer and starts at only $99


The last two devices created by Selpic have pushed the portability limits of a printer, with the P1 being considered the most portable handheld printer on the market and the start-up company has launched a new Kickstarter campaign to fund the development of what the manufacturer calls the world’s most cost-effective 3D printer. What this … Read more

Selpic P1 Portable Printer Review


The Selpic P1 is advertised as being the world’s most portable handheld printer and no, I’m not talking about a rectangular backpack-friendly polaroid printer, instead, the P1 is designed to print various shapes and fonts on pretty much any type of surface and the device itself is not larger than a highlighter. Of course, this … Read more

The Selpic P1 promises to be the world’s most portable handheld printer and it’s going to be available on Indiegogo for $89


There is currently a race towards creating the smallest handheld printer and, while last year PinCube proudly held this title with its cubic device, the Selpic P1 wants this title for itself by adopting a design very much similar to the traditional highlighting marker, making it far easier to carry around and more intuitive to … Read more