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HIKMICRO Pocket2 Thermal Camera Review: Pocket-sized professional thermal camera

The HIKMICRO Pocket2 comes as an overall improvement to the first pocket-friendly thermal camera developed by the China-based manufacturer and while I was tempted to say that it’s a direct competitor to the FLIR C5, even the Pocket1 was already better spec’d. HIKMICRO Pocket2 Check Product Check Offer Use code for a discount … Read more

AGM G2 Guardian Rugged Smartphone Review: First Thermal Monocular Smartphone on the Market


The AGM G2 Guardian is the new flagship rugged smartphone developed by AGM and the manufacturer decided to blow all its competitors away by adding a long-range thermal monocular camera, being able to detect larger moving objects from as far as 0.6 miles away. AGM G2 Guardian Check Product Check Product Check … Read more

Topdon TC001 Thermal Camera Review: Rises up to the expectations?


The thermal cameras are usually very expensive, but the Topdon TC001 aims to change that, giving more people access to this awesome technology, especially during the current energy crisis. Topdon TC001 Check Product Check Product It’s not secret that FLIR has been dominating the ‘more affordable’ thermal camera market (yes, there are far … Read more