The EnGenius Cloud platform will receive some interesting new features

As of today, EnGenius has added three new features to both improve the functionality of the EnGenius Cloud and to give its users new time-saving tools. The first addition is to simplify the troubleshooting process by adding a Client Timeline section for each connected client device which, when accessed, will immediately display the device connection history (it includes the wireless settings at that point in time, how long the session lasted, the throughput the type of security and a lot more). The lack of a clear error reporting tool can prove to be less useful in a very complex network, so a time-based sequence for the client connections will allow the administrators to more easily identify any possible problem and the client gets the issue resolved quicker.


The next addition is the possibility to block any suspicious clients in order to safeguard the security of the network. Specifically, it’s a block list that allows the administrators to deny the access to any client devices that displays suspicious behavior – the list can be personalized for each SSID and you can create it by either selecting the device or by entering the MAC address. Lastly, EnGenius has improved the Splash Page generator by including a WYSIWYG editor for including HTML codes, there are also some pre-made templates, logos and images, so the user can create an even more attractive welcome page for its clients (useful for hotels, malls or restaurants).


Besides the aesthetic addition and the block list, I find the troubleshooting timeline as perhaps the most important new feature – I actually found it more intuitive than what Ubiquiti’s UniFi has to offer.
Note: You can update the firmware manually by going to Configure > Firmware Upgrade or set it to update automatically at a given time, in order to avoid any unwanted downtime.

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