Cololight Mix Panels Review: RGB Walls


The Cololight Mix consists of a few modular panels that can be attached to form a specific pattern and, if you have seen all those cool lights on the walls of YouTubers (and I’m sure most of you did), well, know that the concept is the same. Cololight Mix Check Product Check Product … Read more

Pixel Liber RGB Pocket Video Light Review


The Pixel Liber is an RGB pocket video light that can have a significant impact on the quality of your photos and it can also increase your video production value without requiring the investment of a large sum of money. Pixel Liber Check Offer And this means that the targeted audience consists mainly of … Read more

The Best Motion Sensor Light Switch in 2021


A motion sensor light switch differs from the traditional light switch in both design and functionality, but most importantly, the most fundamental distinction between them is the use of a motion sensor to detect movement and to automatically turn on the light in a specific area. This type of approach has been around for more … Read more

BlitzWolf BW-SL3 Ring Light with Stand Review

The BlitzWolf BW-SL3 was designed to improve your look while vlogging (with the emphasis on the cosmetic segment) by allowing you to adjust the color temperature, the brightness and the position of the ring light, and yes, there’s also a smartphone holder in the middle that you can adjust in pretty much any manner you … Read more

Tasmor 5050 RGB LED Light Strip Review


The Tasmor 5050 RGB LED light strip was designed to improve the look of your room, whether to give your kitchen a more sophisticated look or to simply add more RGB to your gaming gear and unless you’re trying to replace the regular lighting system with the low-power LED strips, the applications are always going … Read more

Lumary (iLintek) Smart WiFi Light Strip


The Lumary (iLintek) is a 16.4-feet long smart light strip which besides featuring all the advantages of a regular light strip (such as the large color variety, low profile, high LED density and the use of low-voltage DC power), it can also connect to a dedicated mobile application and to the Alexa or Google Home … Read more