SNOPOW M8-LTE Review: Durable, IP68 Rated, Rugged Smartphone


[yasr_overall_rating] The phone history was a restless one, it went from big, heavy chunks of plastic to small, almost weightless devices. Afterwards, when the computer hardware could be made smaller, the phones became ‘smarter’ and have started to grow again. Prior to becoming smartphones, handsets were durable, could resist a lot of punishment and a … Read more

Runbo X6 Review: One of the best rugged, waterproof and shockproof, IP67 smartphone

[yasr_overall_rating] If more than 10 years ago phones seemed to become smaller and easier to carry, at some point, when the touchscreen technology became more easily implemented, the phones started, again, to come in larger and larger sizes (to the point of 6-7-inch phablet size). At the same time, computer hardware became smaller and could … Read more