Yeedi Cube Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review: VSLAM done right

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Lastly, there’s the Max mode which should be the loudest and it is, reaching up to 73dB, so it’s about as loud as a regular vacuum cleaner. We’re not done because there’s another factor to take into account: the OMNI station. While it is emptying the dust bin, I measured an average of 85dB which is very, very loud. Surely, it happens only for a few seconds, but it’s very noticeable (I have alarms that reach that high).

No-Go Zones and Area cleaning?

No-go zones for mop and cleaning.

I already mentioned that it’s possible to set areas where the Yeedi Cube will not vacuum or mop, and it will also not cross it to reach the other side, so it’s a complete border. There are no lines, just cubes. As for Area cleaning, there is the Spot mode and I admit it would have worked better with an actual remote control. One minus would be that it is not possible to set the robot vacuum cleaner to run several times in row, you need to do it manually every time.

Does it get stuck?

It’s not afraid of going near walls (unlike Lidar-based vacuum cleaners), so it doesn’t get stuck easily. The only issue could be when it eats up cables and can’t move forward, so you need to turn it upside down, take the cable out and then let it do its thing. Also, if there’s a small obstacle (1-2 inches high), it will pass over it.

Low Battery Mode

As soon as the battery level reaches 10%, the Yeedi Cube will try to return back to base. And it will go there pretty quickly, avoiding any obstacle, something that didn’t happen with the Vac 2 Pro or the other VSLAM-powered Trifo Lucy. It doesn’t wonder, it knows exactly where the OMNI station is at all times, so it gets full mark for this particular performance.

Hard floor performance

Unlike the Vac 2 Pro, the Yeedi Cube uses two side brushes and it relies on the rolling brush to properly clean up the rooms. I have mentioned it in the Navigation section that the device is not afraid of closely hugging the corners and it will go near them at least a couple of times, so overall, it does a very good job at cleaning hard floors. It had no trouble with dust, short hair or food particles. Be aware that some finer particles, such as sand may remain in the brush, so it can make a mess when going back to the OMNI station.

Carpet performance

There are some similarities with the Vac 2 Pro, but also some key differences. And the most important aspect is that you can leave the mop cloth attached (the entire assembly can’t be detached) and, while the Vac 2 Pro would avoid carpets when the mop was attached, the Yeedi Cube raises the mop high enough as to not spill water on the carpet. The actual performance was alright, as long as there’s not a lot of long hair. I am not saying it won’t pick it up because it will, but it will go around the main brush and you will have to remove it by hand afterwards (a system like I saw on the UWANT X100, where there was an automatic hair cutting mode would be welcomed on future iterations).

How easy it is to clean up?

The point of the OMNI station is that it takes away almost all the necessary maintenance of a robot vacuum cleaner.

Yeedi Cube.

The only thing that you need to do is throw away the dirty water from the smaller container and make sure to change the dust bag every time it gets filled. Surely, there are a few extra things you need to do once every two-three weeks, such as checking out the brushes, to clean the edge sensors and, once every few months, it’s wise to change the HEPA filters. Also, don’t forget that there is a filter on the OMNI Station that needs to be cleaned regularly.

The battery life

The Yeedi Cube has the same battery capacity as the Vac 2 Pro, so the performance should be pretty much the same. The robot vacuum cleaner will function for about 1 hour and a half when the settings are set to medium, but it is possible to reach 2 hours on the Quiet mode, without using the mop. So, if you have a very large house, it is going to have to run a couple of times – don’t worry though, it charges very quickly. I also need to mention that unlike the Vac 2 Pro, which got depleted over night, the Yeedi Cube only lost 9 percent over the night (span of about 14 hours), while the station was not connected to the power socket.

The battery.

The availability of spare parts

The Yeedi Vac 2 Pro had a mix of parts from other brands, so there were lots of spares to choose from. That’s not really the case with the Yeedi Cube. The mop cloth is especially made for this robot vacuum cleaner and you can’t change the sonic mop assembly. But, you can replace the HEPA filters (they’re universal), as well as the side brushes and even the main brush. The battery is also not very difficult to replace, so in case it fails, just get another one (remove the screws and then simply connect the wire to the suitable socket).

The Conclusion

I was wondering if Yeedi managed to improve upon the Vac 2 Pro and provide an even better VSLAM robot vacuum cleaner. And I think that they have nailed it with the Yeedi Cube. Don’t get me wrong, it can be better, but we do get a really good navigation system (the extra lasers do make a difference), the app is intuitive and easy to use (but please, just scale back the intrusive data collection) and I have absolutely no complaints about the OMNI station. It does what it says it needs to do. Even if it takes a few hours, the mopping cloth was clean and perfectly dry. I suppose that object detection should be next on the list, but for now, I would say that the Yeedi Cube is definitely worth considering.

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Yeedi Cube













  • Fairly accurate navigation system.
  • The Sonic mop is actually effective.
  • The OMNI station can clean and dry the mop.
  • The app layout is intuitive and easy to use.
  • Large water container (1L).


  • Requires continuous connection to the Internet (to use the app).
  • Doesn't handle hair that well.
  • A bit loud, especially during the night.

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