XGIMI Halo Plus 1080p Projector Review: One of the best portable projectors

The XGIMI Halo Plus is the updated version of the portable flagship projector that came a year before and, while not a radical improvement over its predecessor, it did have to become better equipped to potentially outclass the likes of Epson and Anker. XGIMI Halo Plus Check Product The projectors also compete against TVs, … Read more

XGIMI Horizon Pro 4K Projector Review: Lots of value for the money


The XGIMI Horizon Pro is the current flagship projector offered by the manufacturer and it uses the DLP technology (single chip) to deliver deeper blacks, a higher contrast, as well as a brighter overall video, making it suitable for rooms that are either bright or very dim. XGIMI Horizon Pro Check Product The XGIMI … Read more

Xidu Philbeam S1 Projector Review: An inexpensive replacement to your TV?


The Xidu Philbeam S1 is an inexpensive home theater projector which promises to offer a bright image (12,000 lumen) thanks to a combination between three LCD screens and eight-layered coating to limit reflections, anti-blue light eye protection and there also seems to be support for 4K. Xidu Philbeam S1 Check Product Check Product … Read more