This foldable standing fan from Marchpower can help you survive this torrid summer (even when you’re traveling)


The Marchpower foldable standing fan was developed to cater to the needs of the people that travel a lot and need some relief from a hot and humid climate. And the device follows closely in the footsteps of other portable fans, such as the Elegear portable fan that I recently tested, but it does seem … Read more

Reolink has launched the Keen Ranger PT trail camera

Reolink has just launched the Keen Ranger PT trail camera which is the first device released by this sub-brand and the camera is already up for pre-ordering. I do think that pre-ordering a device, a service or pretty much anything is risky since you don’t really know if it’s going to raise to the expectations. … Read more

Reolink launches Keen, a brand focused on developing Cellular Trail Cameras


Reolink has recently announced that it is launching a sub-brand called Keen which will focus towards developing cellular trail cameras suitable primarily for wildlife monitoring. And this is very important in reservations, parks and animal sanctuaries since animals won’t get spooked or disturbed by human presence. But the people can still observe the animal behavior … Read more