TerraMaster F2-212 NAS Review: Gets TOS 5 and replaces the F2-210


It’s been four years since TerraMaster released the F2-210 and, since the competition at the budget-friendly level has heated up, the TerraMaster F2-212 has been released as its successor. TerraMaster F2-212 Check Product And what made the F2-210 an attractive option is still there, such as the compactness, the tool-less 2-Bay drive installation and … Read more

ZimaBlade Single-Board Computer Server Review: Better than Raspberry Pi?


The ZimaBlade is the second generation of SBCs released by IceWhale Technology and, at first glance, it seems to be a closer to bare-bones solution of the ZimaBoard SBCs, but it’s not just a stripped version of an 832, there are some notable improvements. And there are also some strange decisions which could potentially be … Read more

TerraMaster launches the F8-422, an 8-Bay 10GbE NAS


TerraMaster has announced that it will make available a new powerful NAS as a way to expand its 10GbE series, therefore allowing for a far better network performance. The F8-422 comes with 8 bays, supporting both 2.5″ and 3.5″ SSDs and HDDs, each HDD being limited to 18TB with a maximum internal raw storage of … Read more

Annke C500 Turret Camera Review (I51DF)

The advances that were made in the connectivity department has allowed the surveillance cameras to offer a far better image quality than before (mostly due to the higher bitrate at a lower latency) and the Annke 500 camera series aims to take full advantage of the Super HD resolution (at up to 8Mbps bitrate) to … Read more

Synology DiskStation DS218+ NAS Review


I am confident that you are familiar with the Google Cloud platform, as well as the Apple iCloud, but, while these services are great for storing your data, there are some privacy concerns and I doubt that many of you bother to encrypt your data before moving it to the Cloud. For privacy reasons alone, … Read more

TerraMaster F2-210 NAS Review


The TerraMaster F2-210 is an entry-level two-bay NAS which targets the budget-conscious users that want to experience the flexibility and the advantages that a network attached storage can bring to their network (including the ability to expand their storage, to create a reliable back-up solution and the possibility to set up a personal cloud storage … Read more