Rock Space AX1800 Dual Band WiFi Extender Review (RSD0618)


If you remember that cute, small AC1200 WiFi extender from Rock Space, then know that the manufacturer has made available the Rock Space AX1800 extender which makes use of the WiFi 6 technology to, hopefully provide a better wireless performance. Rock Space AX1800 Check Product Check Product And it does need it considering … Read more

Rock Space WiFi Extender (AC1200) Review

Before the WiFi mesh systems got into the mainstream, the only way to cover a difficult-to-reach area in your home with WiFi was by using a wireless extender (also called repeater), a device which when properly placed, it could take the WiFi signal from the main router and push it further, so that your devices … Read more

How to use powerline adapters to expand your network


Nowadays, being connected to the internet is mandatory, it’s how we stay in touch with our friends, how we read the news, how we listen to music and overall how this new high-tech society communicates. And this is a great thing because it’s a tool for new advances in a lot of technological fields. But … Read more